Awareness of life

Because your awareness is not fully present in your life, you are being controlled by something else. That’s called the untrained mind. That’s the subconscious mind. By our automatic program, because it has to maintain through breathing, the heartbeat so that your blood flows through your veins. Therefore you have to admit that it’s not you who controls your life fully. Now, studies show that with the help of neuroplasticity, you can take over the subconscious program that controls your life, in a large part.

You’ll stop thinking about your negative feelings like stress anxiety anger sorrow resentment so all these negative things that are in your life. Because where you put your energy, your awareness, there the thing grows. 

Controlling your life means becoming the captain of your soul. Becoming the captain, and holding that awareness for as much as possible. That means being in the moment. That means being now. That means listening (to) that meaning. Understanding what it means to control your life. The “normal”, unaltered perception of reality; because everything is a perception of reality. That is relativity. To me, this room is neither small neither large. It’s just a room. Only when I compare this room with the other, I create that sense of size, that sense of dimension. I’m comparing it. So this room may be small to you; this car may seem old and rusty to you; but someone else…let’s see…for someone from…a third-world country. That car is everything that they ever wanted in their life. Having that car means to them being able to go to work, being able to provide food for their kids, being able to provide shelter for their families. But for you? For you, it is just a car. It is just an object. It has no real meaning and you don’t entirely appreciate that car. It drives you to work and then saves a few minutes on the way by not taking the tube. But hey, relativity means, the same car might save one family’s life.

Coming back what I suggest you to do tomorrow is just relax.

I’m giving you this step-by-step action plan for how do you get out of the material world and enter the spiritual world. For how you awake your consciousness.

Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.

John Rusking

You may now ask.. Hey what is the spiritual world?

Spiritual world – it means your imagination. Your inner space. You are the creator. Isn’t this what is the Bible said?

I’m not a preacher, nor a theologian. I’m a life explorer.

“You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the Earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you.” – Nehemiah 9:6

What does it mean? It means that through the power of thoughts, to the power of your higher faculty, called imagination, you create whatever you want. Because you are a creator. Close your eyes and think of an elephant. You have just created an elephant. Close your eyes and imagine/feel putting your hand on something extremely hot like a pan. If you experience the burn, the sensation of pain, then you have just CREATED something that you have developed in your mind/imagination. Or better say, in the spiritual world, and experienced it as a real event.

Now to go a bit deeper I will have to explain you the fourth dimension way of thinking.

There is no way to really show you or create something on the fourth dimension in the material 3D world. In the Newtonian world. You can see what a tesseract is.

But in your imagination you are the Lord. You are the creator.

You can do you everything and anything that makes you happier.

So now that you’ve hopefully understood what does that means. Basically, the fourth dimension is only in our imagination. We can create structures so complex, so vast, that cannot be materialized. This is what Einstein said. He was thinking in 4 dimensions.

A 2D creature cannot comprehend a 3D creature. He looks left, he looks right, he looks forward, he looks backward, but the 2D creature does not know there is the third way – looking up and looking down. The 2D creature just hears a voice in his head. He hears the 3D creature speaking but he cannot see it. He is stuck in a plain view of the world. It’s like a piece of the puzzle laying down on the table. That piece of the puzzle cannot comprehend the height of the room. It can only comprehend the length and the width of the room therefore the piece of the puzzle cannot experience the ceiling in the flooring of the room. The ceiling in the flooring is there, it’s just that the 2D creature, the piece of the puzzle, does not see them. It’s the same thing with humankind.

A few thousand years ago, early Greek philosophers alluded their hypothesis to a spherical Earth, though with some ambiguity. Pythagoras, in the 6th century BC, was among those said to have originated the idea.

Now, the fact that the Earth is round is so…banal. So obvious. So boring. And still, back then people thought the Earth was flat. And supported by 4 elephants.

As I walked here, in this room, the lights were flickering. If the light is dim you can only see a small patch of the light. You see mostly a large patch of the dark, of the unknown. So you can’t see in the dark because the light is dim. But if you increase the current in that lightbulb, all of a sudden you see two people sitting there in the room. All of a sudden you start to see objects and windows and flooring and paintings. So you increase the brightness of the lightbulb even more and then you see five more people in that room. So initially you would see only a small patch of light and nothing else. And now in the same room, you see seven people in that room and a bunch of objects that you have not seen before. They were there but you were not seeing them.

The same is with the lower vibration which is a primary law of the universe. Every object that you see has a vibrational frequency this has been started by physics all along this is what quantum physics is studying relentlessly. They know that matter comes from energy! You do!

You see this piece of wood right here and you know it’s made of atoms in molecules. And then you know that molecules and atoms are made out of neutrons and electrons and protons and so on.

You’ve learned that there is the nucleus and then the electrons are flowing around the nucleus.

And that’s called Energy.

So matter comes from energy. Matter doesn’t just exist. Matter has transcended from one state to another. From energy to matter. Two different states. It’s like water being in a liquid shape and form. You can play with it; you can have it around your fingers; you can wash with it. But the same water can exist in a different state or even better in multiple states. That water can become ice. Not only it’s colder but it’s also much stronger. So you see, try to play with that ice cube. Drink it if you can. What happens is that your body generates heat that transforms that state from an ice cube back into a better state for you which is a liquid state. 

Now that we discussed that matter comes from energy. Where does energy come from?

This is something that has troubled most of the astrophysicists and the best researchers is on this planet.

And what they have discovered is profound. They all came to the conclusion that there is a field. There is a field that is all around us. They call it aether.

It is what is known in quantum physics as the Unified Field.

It is what spiritual people say, the unknown. The unthing. The unmanifested. Infinite. Boundless. Eternal. The Unified Field.

Research for yourself. Check what quantum physicists are saying about it. Be a student of life research and you shall see. Open the door towards knowledge. 

Because knowledge is life. In one way. In an important way. For one day, tomorrow, just be with yourself. Discover yourself. Start asking: what is the meaning of life? Why am I here on this earth? Who am I? Who do I want to become? How can I become? What can I do to improve? How can I be better, how can I be smarter, how can I be faster, how can I be kinder, how can I be more loving, how can I be more caring, how can I bring peace in my life, and then share it with others. As most of the people on this planet, can’t see. 

When you wake up, reflect on the things that bring you happiness. Do you have a roof over your head? Are you cold? Are you in pain? Think about who makes your day better? Think about what makes your day better? Your life can start today! Imagine life is a single day. 24 hours. We all have 24 hours a day. No exception. If you see someone saying: if I would have more time I could do more things, then good luck! Hey…there is no more time! Try to go to the supermarket and ask for more time.

They’re going to…take you away. They will say that you are crazy. That your nuts. That you are out of your mind! 

So control your mind! 

It is not your mind. IT IS THE MIND. (The subconscious. The place where you stored all beliefs and memories.)

It is a tool for you, a supercomputer. It is the biggest tool that you will ever have in your life.

As you hear these words, you subvocalize them with your own voice that’s in your head. Unless you know the better way of reading, without sub-vocalizing.

This is a reason why reading is much more effective and much more important than audiobooks. Just by listening, just by imagining things as you go along, line by line, page by page. You have been taught to repeat every single word, you have been told to sub-vocalize every single word. And therefore it is your own voice in your head that is reading these words. You hear your own words. In the center stage of your awareness. Because you are awake. Otherwise, you would be like the body on the bed: not responding to these stimuli. 

So you see? You can be awake!

This is the enlightenment age. Evolution of the cell has brought us to this levels of intelligence. How can we have 100 billion neurons in our brain, just for the functionality and control of our body?!

Through technology, we can use the good side of technology to awake people from their minds. Just stop them thinking about the past. Thinking here, I mean mental activity. Because thinking is only what you are doing right now, actually processing and understanding these words. Understanding the deep meaning of them. Understanding the meaning of life.

Start with the basics. Start with the fundamentals. This is what quantum physics does. First thinking principle. Drill down any opinion, any idea, any thought into the most fundamental truths. And then draw a conclusion if that opinion, idea or thought is true or not.

I have experienced that most people are not getting this. They believe only what they seem to think it’s true.

Why? Because like any repetition that creates faith, it has been made the truth in the mind. 

In management and leadership, we teach: “You cannot change someone.” I have tried that. It didn’t work and I lost my time. You can only find great people. You cannot make them great people. So I am not a motivational speaker/writer. I can only show people how they can change. That’s the power of Free Will.

I bet you do not have a goal list. Why don’t you have a goal list? Having a goal list means that you have reflected on what you want to become. It shows that your conscious level is increasing. Because consciousness levels can be raised. It’s like any other skill in life.

So think about what you desire, most… in this life. Imagine it and fill it with all of your five senses. In that way you trick your subconscious into believing that this is the real reality.

It is known, it is known in psychology. Hypnotherapists. Mind researchers. Mind experts. They have drawn the conclusion that the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is a dream. And the only way to trick your subconscious mind into doing that is by experiencing the complete dream, in the center stage of your awareness, with all the five senses, to the subconscious mind. And only by repetition and by imagining more and by imagining often, then you have tricked your subconscious mind. Then you have altered the perception of reality. This is again, a relative meaning. You see what you want to see. You don’t see what you don’t want to see. 

So don’t be ignorant. Ignorance is never a good philosophy. Knowing is however a good philosophy. Just see. Learn from all of your experiences.

Think of ways of how you can improve. Your life can change today!

Being ignorant is like showing a light. Putting a flashlight into a blind man’s eyes. You know it’s there you can see. But the blind man cannot see. The blind man cannot see the light, that’s shown in front of their eyes. His mind hasn’t defined what seeing means or… learned the notion of analyzing impulses of electricity, coming from one of the sensors of the body, and translating them into images. Into perceptions of reality.

So you see? That everything is a perception of reality. Everything is relative. This is what relativity means. 

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Pain is growth. Pain is knowledge.

When you exercise your body, you eventually will start to feel pain. You will experience this concept, this notion this abstract thing called…pain.

You cannot grow without pain. That’s part of the setup. Hey…don’t blain me for the setup. It wasn’t me who created it. 

Pain is when your body has not learned, has not experienced before that…thing. 

The muscle doesn’t really suffer. It’s your perception of pain. It is being confused with growth. The muscle only grows and gets stronger, after it has experienced this thing. And this thing is called “pain”.

pain = growth. Never forget that.

Learn how to stop being afraid.

Learn how to stop being afraid of the pain.

Learn how to stop being afraid of the dark.

Learn how do you stop being afraid of the unknown.

But know your limits! I’m not saying now that you should jump off an airplane without a parachute. That would be foolish. In our day-to-day lives, we are still governed by Newtonian laws. That cannot change, that will not change, that won’t change.

So will learn the Newtonian laws, just so that you don’t get hurt, in the material or what you’re calling…the real world. 

We don’t have to like the laws, but we still need to learn with them. So what is the first step in knowing?

  1. Identify the universal laws.
  2. Understand the true meaning of the universal laws.
  3. Apply your knowledge so that you don’t get hurt.
  4. Build your empire around those laws, maintaining positiveness.
  5. Do not limit yourself. “If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.” – it’s what my brain coach – Jim Kwik says.
  6. You are the creator, is what the Bible says.

Enjoy life,

Ionut Furnea

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