Welcome back reader!

My name is Ionut Furnea. I am an amateur in life. I am not saying I know everything. Far from it.

WHY I started this blog.

I have reached a point in my life where I do not have any concerns. I do not have any stress. I do not feel anger anymore. I do not feel pain anymore. I do not have any “financial difficulties” anymore. This so-called financial freedom. Rat Race.

To share with you, through my life experiences, through my extensive research done on highly successful, highly loved, healthy, spiritual, and fit people, how they have done it.

In this blog everything is researched; everything is documented. It contains only TRUTHS. My goal is to change your perception of reality, in the most positive way. I want you to become enlightened. To discover what the Spanish are calling the El Camino. The journey of your experience on Earth.

I’ll be transforming your life, by teaching you a “software program”. I’m firing and rewiring neural pathways in your brain, to become the best version of yourself.

I’m sure most of you said at least once in your lifetime:

“I can’t do it.”

“I don’t know how to do it.”

“My memory is not that great.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I’m not beautiful.”

“I’m not special.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“I’m not good enough.”

It will take a while to change, to rewire. You will go initially through a dark tunnel. The machinery of perception has to be modified, for holding on to this new knowledge which will keep that level of oneness; which will not dismantle “the vision” from observing the limited areas of the objects (material world).

To get to a state where there is no conflict between knowledge and perception; between knowledge on the level of intellect, which is out of the field of the 5 senses and perception, which is within the range of the senses.

Think about this example:

A young child looks at the sky and sees the sun going from one side to another. East to West. Day, night. A happening. A pattern.

And that child thinks; not only thinks, but he sees that the sun is moving. He believes that the Sun is moving and the Earth is stationary.

Only when that child goes to school, he learns from his teacher that actually the Earth is rotating around its axis, and that’s what’s causing the day and night.

So the boy cannot believe that new information. How can it be? All his life he believed, he was convinced, he had faith, that the sun was moving and not the planet.

But gradually, he adds that information from his teacher in his mind. This is the skepticism part that needs to be overtaken. Even at a early age. It’s quite difficult to change such a deep rooted idea/thought. He compares the new piece of information with the old information. So it takes a while till the new information gets settled in. And after some time, that child, through research and self-development, discovers that this new information (piece by piece = new information=an idea=a thought=a plan=a desire=a fact) is actually the most accurate.

This is called modification/transformation/alteration of identity. It is a paradigm change.

What is “information”?

Hmm, let’s see here:


So read, contact, ask, look for, continue looking for,…to? To know more information, To change old life plans. To change any bad habit. To change the bad habit of eating unhealthy food, to changing and eating healthy and exercising. 

BUT it takes PRACTICE. 

I never said it was easy!

That’s the LAW!

You don’t have to like it!

But learn it!

So you don’t become a person who jumps out of an airplane without a parachute! No no no!

Be smart. Read that you must wear a parachute before jumping off an airplane.

Then you’ll survive! By learning!

In my studies, I have listened, attended advanced courses and read the most accurate information about the following fields of life, from true teachers. ( you’ll find out later how to differentiate true teachers from fake teachers. )

Key for a successful life. How to acquire great skills. How to become better.

How to find true teachers

I’ll give an example: You’re looking for someone who is very good in business? 

Read their papers. Read their stories. Read their messages to the world. Read their quotes. You look for people who are great at what you want to do in the next 1-3-5 years. So focus on that. You then look for a person who specializes in love. Focus on that. That person might know a thing or two about love. And then you go to another person, who knows three-four things about another skill that you require. And then you keep going and going, striving for the best.

You will understand and/or be able to:

  • Solve problems
  • How to think
  • How to think better, faster, smarter
  • How to think on paper
  • What are the four stages for learning any new skill
  • Why journaling is one of the most important tools of self-improvement and reflection
  • How to analyze a “puzzle”
  • How to read faster
  • How to change your paradigm
  • How to make money
  • How to increase your confidence
  • How to add positivity in your life
  • How to get a better job
  • How to nail any interview
  • How to study for exams
  • How to remember everything that you desire
  • How to differentiate between fake and true teachers
  • How to set goals
  • The universal question to achieve your goals/desires
  • The universal laws:
    • What are they
    • How do they work
    • How to stay law-positive
  • How wishes become reality
  • What is ignorance? How bad it is.
  • How to develop creative intelligence
  • The moment when the human nervous system gains value of awareness, so-called Enlightenment
    • How to be aware of everything
    • How to maintain/keep/be aware
  • The Philosophy of Action
  • Diseases of Attitude – how to identify and fix them:
    • Frustration
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Indifference
    • Indecision
    • Doubt
    • Over-caution
    • Pessimism
    • Worry
  • What is Quantum Physics
    • What is the Unified Field
  • How do Science and Spiritual intersect
  • What is Psychology
  • What type of person are you
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner ( American Psychologist. Developmental psychologist. Explorer in developmental psychologist. He knows better! Key word there. Developmental. )
    • What is your level of intelligence?
    • How to increase each level ( Oh, yes you can 😉 )
  • What and where is the source of thought and how it’s experienced
  • Development of perception
    • Perception of reality
  • What is meditation
    • How to meditate
    • Benefits of meditation
  • Definition of success
  • What is the success formula
  • How to eat healthy
  • What to eat – to keep your mind and spirit up
  • How to focus/concentrate
  • How to take care of your software (automatic thinking, habits, subconscious mind)
  • How to take care of your hardware (brain, neurons, grey and white matter)
  • How the brain works
    • Neuroplasticity
  • How thoughts affect your body through hormones and genes
  • How you can heal using thoughts ( not a miracle anymore )
  • States of consciousness
    • Sleep
    • Dream
    • Wake
    • Transcendent consciousness
    • Cosmic consciousness
  • The DO’s and DON’Ts in life.

People talk about being present. Being in the moment. Be in the now. And you see all these cute quotes on Instagram, on social media platforms. But no one tells you HOW TO DO IT.

You can’t be in the moment, if you don’t know how.

It’s like me, asking someone (who hasn’t seen, touched or played piano) to play piano. How can that person do it?!

This is what this blog and soon to be book is about. Easy explanations and steps towards enlightenment and living a successful life. (whatever success may be to you)

Did you know that the word “Buddha” means above the intellect?

I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about wisdom. I’m talking about the basic smarts. I’m talking about self-discovery, as a species.

Enjoy life,

Ionut Furnea

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