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Our education systems are failing, but this doesn’t mean that we have to stop learning.

It’s not a requirement of society for you to be fit. 

It’s not a requirement of society for you to be smart.

Society accepts by default all types of people. But it doesn’t mean it’s fine.

You have to change it. You have to adapt. You can.


What is a miracle? I want people to understand that this is not a miracle. This is real. This is now. This is happening. Now it’s your moment. 


“A miracle is that which you do not understand. That which is not fitting into your logical perception seems miraculous to you. As your logic evolves, so many things which were miracles hundred years ago, are…normal things in our day to day life today. Isn’t it?
So it is not a “miracle”. It is just a deeper understanding of your own, the way you’ve constructed.”


We are told what to think, not how to think.

We are told to read, not how to read.

We are taught fairy tales, and magic numbers, not real-life plans. You have a life plan. We all do. But, you should know that it’s just a plan. And like any other plan, it can be changed. You can become better.

We are told to remember, not how to remember.

We are told how to work, not how to create work.

We are told that we need to love, not how to love.

We are told how to spend money, we are told how to become an employee and make money, not how to make money.

We are taught that we need to save money, not to invest money.

We are taught to work for money, not leave money…work for us.

The fundamentals are missing. And without a strong foundation, how can a house withstand the passing of time? It can’t. Therefore the fundamentals must be strong. The skeleton upon which you are building a framework of thoughts, desires, and goals.

The creative intelligence that exists in every person gets…confined. Bounded. Limited. Therefore, this is how the seed of frustration grows. Why does someone who starts working at a new job, is so excited the first day, week, month. But when we ask that person how does it feel after 2 years?


For most people, it becomes a pain to wake up every morning and get to work.

Money eventually becomes worthless if too much is printed. Inflation occurs when the money supply increases faster than real output. The number of goods won’t change if some government prints more money. However, if someone does print money, people will experience having more cash and more money to spend on goods. But guess what happens with the price of goods.

In our times, COVID times, the fiat money balloon gets bigger and bigger. And it’s due to pop. Inevitably. Too much work; too much effort causes a mechanism to…? Break down. It will eventually get tired. Till something snaps. Till something bursts.

How much money do you think was printed in 2020, with COVID?

How do you think printing works these days, in this digital era? Do you still imagine a press with paper? Or do you imagine something simpler, like someone adding a number followed by a few digits and pressing enter on a laptop? That’s how “printing money” works nowadays.

Our entire world economy is working on debt. The machine of debt.

Money in this world? Not that much. Debt? Too much.

Opinions are the cheapest commodity on Earth. Everyone has them. Your dog has them, your neighbor has them, your friends have them. The tv anchor has them. 

Learn to differentiate good and useful information, from bad information.

Bad apples ruin all the other apples in their surroundings. That’s the Law.

On this website, I’m going to share as best as I can, all these little things that create the Puzzle of Life.

I started mentioning money because there are people who say: “Money is the root of all evil”. But even so, 99% of the world’s population works for money. So people spend at least ⅓ of their life wanting to get money. I’m offering a new life plan. A new way of basic smart. Financial intelligence. Because if the specific intelligence and knowledge is missing, the money will fly out of someone’s pocket.

Someone says: “If I’d have a million dollars, I’d invest them wiser.” Well, wake up, you don’t have one million dollars. So be grateful for what you have. Invest wisely, grow that amount. How can someone be a millionaire if they don’t even know how the economic machine works. How to create a business system that allows you to reduce ( legally ) the amount of tax paid so that you can keep more money.

Everything in nature has  laws.

We all know the Gravitation Law. We all know the Time Law. We all know the Electricity and Magnetism Laws.

So we know there are laws in this universe. We use them every day. We experience them. We know not to put our hand into an electrical socket. It will be painful. We know not to jump from an airplane without a parachute. 

Why don’t people identify and learn all these universal laws, understanding them and applying them, towards a better life?! As Jim Rohn used to say – “Mysteries of the mind”

The big paradigm of life: Having bought a bad life plan!

The more you are like them, the more you are them. The more you speak like a person, the more you become that person.

Read, Study Daily

Almost everything in life is a skill. And skills can be learned. Like riding a bike. We’re not born knowing how to ride a bike. No, no, no. We learn.

People allocate for work, on average 41% of their day, each day. How much time do you allocate for yourself? Let’s do percentages, it’s much more fun. Work with a different perspective.

Most of the things in our life are also abstract. Abstract means – existing in your mind. It’s an idea. It’s…something. But it doesn’t have a physical or concrete existence. It’s fairy dust. As an example, define love now.

To me, love is a collection of memories that have been experienced through the 5 senses, felt through the conscious mind, and stored in the subconscious mind. In the brain. In the neurons. Our…unit of memory, in the physical field. Your…”soft-drive”. The more intense emotions you feel, the better you recall that event. That’s how the mind works. The more you think about that memory, the better it gets imprinted in your neural-circuits.

I’m being practical, straight to the object. Not bending one’s mind with fancy words. 

We do things differently. This website not like most of the platforms on the internet. To throw with information, with opinions in people. 

People say – You have to be focused. I agree. You have to be focused. But in order to understand the puzzle of life, you have to see the big picture. You have to get your awareness from one single piece of the puzzle and see the whole picture.

I’m here to explain how life works, from an eagle point of view. If you want to change your life, ask a brand new question. If you understand the last phrase, you’re also at the top.

Otherwise, stay here, pay attention, and research for yourself. 

Don’t ever be a follower. Be a student of life. And then, repeat, repeat, repeat till it’s in you

The big paradigm. How to change it. Step by step for beginners.

Learn daily, think daily, dream daily, put in practice. Work to get it then enjoy it. Work hard, play hard. Don’t mix the two. I used to run meetings from the beach. When I was in the office, I was thinking beach beach beach. When I was at the beach, I was thinking office office office. I don’t do that anymore. Learn to enjoy everything that you do. Or if you don’t enjoy everything that you do, change it.

This is what all successful people do. 

This is the success formula. 

It may look abstract, and you may think: “Hey, this is another “how to change” website. I was looking for something else. Boring boring boring.” but then hey, at least I’ve tried. 

Think and Grow Rich. Think and Grow Wealthy, Think, and Grow Love. Do you see (it)? 

It’s too abstract. People can’t really understand what “Think and Grow Rich” (book by Napoleon Hill) really means. It’s like any other quote they read somewhere on a social media app, and they even may have such a few quotes on their social media page. 

So they have it, they’ve read it, they’ve posted it. But do they actually apply it every day? Are they really striving to the max to (be)come that person? 

I don’t think so, otherwise, they wouldn’t complain about the weather. Otherwise, they wouldn’t complain about the 6 am alarm. I’m not. Not anymore. I don’t care if it’s rainy or snowy, hot, or windy. Freezing or chilly. 

That doesn’t affect me, emotionally. I do find it interesting though to see that I was also thinking just like this. I was letting the weather affect me. I was letting the environment affect me.

I was letting something/someone affect me. And that something…the weather. What a joke. What has that got to do with anything? Why don’t people have higher goals, so that they don’t care about the weather? Why don’t they have a list of goals? Well, I do. Now..And my goals are very clearly defined. I am planning everything. It’s very difficult in the beginning, I’ll tell you that. But then hey, with practice, with repetition, with exercise, with passion towards achieving a higher goal, I am able to. And so can you.

So by practicing (whatever skill one desires), one will get it. 

It’s like a child who learns how to walk. They start with their first leg. A bit wobbly at first. 

“I’m so poor at this. I have no idea how to stand yet. And I look at others and they walk so easily. And they seem so great. And they seem so powerful. But hey, I’m going to reach there someday. I know I can.”

That’s the law. Otherwise, we die. So then the child takes the second step and falls. Again, hurt, but still ok. Healthy let’s say. He tries yet again to take another step, and another step, and another step, till he starts walking without wobbling. Because wobbling in life is bad. Because wobbling in life will hurt you. Wobbling being indifference, ignorance, unwillingness to learn. Unwillingness to learn from others’ mistakes. Again, if people already do it, congrats! Let’s chat. I’d love to hear your ideas. 

How does someone like yourself see the planet? Small or large? Simple question. 

It’s only a perspective of life. 

It’s only a life plan. 

It’s only a life plan that was sold to you by someone in your life. 

It was sold, ignorantly, involuntarily by your environment. Because the environment didn’t knew better. Because the environment was in the unconscious incompetence category. So they don’t know what they don’t know. It’s not in their “box”. That’s the first step. The basic step. The default step. 

Why don’t all people know how their brain works? How their conscious and subconscious works? 


I’ll quote a great person here: “Mysteries of the mind”

Jim Rohn.

Do you know how your subconscious works? Well, I do, now. At least I know how the supercomputer between someone’s ears works. And it is key. They carry it with them every single day. And yet, it’s not being used. At least not at its potential.

If I want something I strive for it. If I don’t want something, I avoid it. I learned how not to cross the street. I learned how not to complain about life. I learned how to learn. I learned how to think and I’m learning how to do. Do is the real physical progress. 

Why do so many people only read and not apply?

Why do so many people think that knowledge is power?

Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is potential power! 

Knowledge becomes power only when mixed with action.

The mind creates, but the mind needs someone to materialize it in this universe. 

It’s like that joke with one guy asking to win the lottery. And the guy prays every night. And every night and every night, the guy prays. Eventually, God, tired of this guy’s infinite requests, appears to him and says:

Okay Joe, no problem. I do want to help you. You are my child. You deserve anything and everything I have to offer. But I can’t materialize it for you. That’s the law. Can you at least just…go to the lottery and first buy a ticket? It’s not much, but then, I’ll fulfill your desire. I only need a practical way of sending this gift through, in the material life.