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A real personal step that everyone should take… Intelligence is not born. Intelligence is taken.

Lesson: Intelligence is not born. Intelligence is taken!

I keep wondering why there are so many ignorant people on this planet. And a lot of them do make tons of money, and they are still ignorant… SO even if their money consciousness is quite high, they don’t get…LIFE!

A woman here thinks that we are born intelligent. What a dumb idea if you think about it…We are not born with anything. We are a blank hard drive.  What she sees:

My feedback:

Hi Lakshmi!

I’d have to advise against thinking that (some) people are born intelligent. All the other things that you’re saying – they’re right. But, because you have developed your “reasoning/thinking skills”, you were able to become intelligent. People are not born intelligent. We’re born with a blank hard-drive.

Do you know how to walk the moment you’re born? A horse does. It’s instinct.

Can you feed yourself the first day you come into this world? No. You die. Animals can. It’s their instinct.

Can you read the first day you come out into this world? No! But you do now. That’s intelligence created right there.

In a nutshell? We’re just not taught how to think! Have you attended a: “How to think” class in your highschool? In your university? I don’t think so.

Have you attended a “How to read” class? Are you sure?! What’s your reading speed? Mine is +1000wpm. Now think about it. Decide for yourself and let’s see if the educational system has really taught us something.

We as humans are the only living creature on this planet who has FREE WILL. So we can choose our environment. We don’t like something? We change (it)! A cat cannot teleport itself to another continent. We can, through technology, through innovation, through the use of this amazing supercomputer that we have between our ears. We carry that thing everywhere with us!

Almost everything in life is a skill. And, like every skill, it can be learned. IF and only IF the person is a willing student.

You weren’t born with the knowledge of tying your shoes. And now? now it has become a habit. It became such a mundane activity, that you don’t even record that activity with your conscious mind. You don’t think that you have to tie your shoes. You think about the weather outside. You think about how you need to get from point A to point B. Tying your shoes became your instinct. Because repetition creates instinct!

I’m a piano player. I didn’t knew how to play the piano when I was born. But, through lots of practice, through REAL TEACHERS, I achieved a certain level that allowed me to perform at a concert. And now? Now I do it instinctively.

To sum everything: we’re not born intelligent. We are being shaped by the environment that surrounds us. That environment defines our beliefs, our way of thinking. Don’t let the negative environment affect you! Extract only the positive elements from the environment. The rest? You have to figure it out.

Check out what a “Life Paradigm” is. Your world will tremble. Check out “levels of consciousness”. I have reached pure-consciousness. In and out…of states, but still, I’m working my way to achieving a permanent state.

I’m creating a website about all my findings. I am a Life Explorer. Just another WordPress site

It’s currently in progress. I haven’t announced it yet, so please don’t judge the design. 🙂

Message wrote on the 11th of October 2020, for today: 25th of November, 2020.

Alpha state. 4th level of consciousness 😉

Keep learning. Don’t stop. Don’t let yourself get dragged by life. You control when to set meetings. You control where to worry. You control your time, when to wake up, what do to, how to do it, for how long to do it.

My asset list is growing… day by day. The seed has been planted in the spring 😉 and now I’m nurturing it. Next steps for me? 1. Grab free money from an investor and government. Build my asset list with him as an advisor and supporter of the growth. 2. Increase aggressively my capital via any means necessary. Then expand my asset list horizontally.

If you know a better way, let me know 😉

Remember! Intelligence is not born. Intelligence is taken.

Enjoy life,


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