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Step 11: Travel. Get perspectives, and then go at it full speed to get your dream life

In the previous step, we spoke about getting out of the box. Now I’m going to explain in more detail what that really means.

How does someone know what they want unless they have explored some possibilities?

Many people say: Imagine your dream life. See yourself in it. Do those things.

But it’s almost impossible. It’s like asking someone to describe using their imagination the exact blueprint of a Boeing 747. You have an idea, an understanding, an inkling of a thought, but that’s it. And unfortunately, that is not enough. You don’t have a strong WHY to pull your forward.

Why travelling is so important

Number one reason: It gives you perspectives.

Number two: You see the real world, not the one advertised on the media. 

Number three: You are increasing your perception of life length, by having/storing many memories from the “unknown” state.

Number four: It gives you the possibility to define what type of life you want.

When you travel, you get a perspective of other countries – economic, cultural, and socio-political infrastructures. And when you build your own infrastructure you get freedom. You get the freedom of time, you get the freedom to work on your own agenda. Freedom is the most valuable asset that you have and that you are going to have. Creating, building your own infrastructures that sustain your freedom, is of primary importance. Travelling allows you to appreciate that. 

Travelling not in the sense of taking a holiday. A holiday is a vacation that you take for one or two weeks to Mexico or Zanzibar. Traveling in this context is about really going on the road and disappearing for one year or two. Traveling the world and seeing everything that the world has to offer. 

Lesson: You don’t really appreciate freedom until you have no plan.

I have met a young woman from Canada who decided a year ago to quit her investment banking job and travel the world. No plans. Just hop from one country to another and explore the abundance of this planet. She is now better than ever. She now has life perspectives. She has become a life coach. Because she had the time to see, explore, imagine, and become/create a new identity for herself. Traveling on your own time, on your own agenda. 

How do you know what you like? 

How do you know what you enjoy? 

How do you know what you really want until you have seen what’s on the plate?

Without traveling, you don’t have all the information. And especially nowadays, with the help of technology, it’s so easy to hop on a plane. And in less than 24 hours be on the other side of the planet. 

That’s what traveling does for you. It helps answer the questions raised above. 

It also gives you the freedom to choose the life that you want. And if you know what’s out there, you can then choose it.

Another example from my travels is that almost wherever I go, I meet people, normal people, who have taken a holiday, discovered their life passion, quit their job, moved to a nice, warm and cozy place on a tropical island and become a new person. I met so many people who now absolutely love what they are doing. Can you imagine that feeling? How your life can turn around?

As an advice, travel as early as you can. Every young person should do it as soon as they can. You will start to appreciate what freedom really is. And that is the key.

Once you appreciate freedom, and once you understand what your perfect life is. (Nature and life is all about evolution. It’s all about growth. I’ll refer again to a tree. You don’t see a tree growing to a certain height and then limiting itself. No. A tree will grow as high as it can. It will produce as many leaves as it can. It will produce as many fruits as it can.)

The best thing you can do afterwards is to go back from where you’re from. Then save, build and pay with cash the life that you want. That is really powerful. Because if you buy your perfect life, somewhere in the world, for cash, you got your dream life already. Then you can go anywhere, to any country to work and build your businesses, build your infrastructure. Keep building assets in your country or all over the world. 

Then if you don’t like where you are, if you don’t like what’s happening at any moment, in your country or in the world; you have your dream life already, you can just get on a plane and leave. And there’s no downside to life, because you already have what you want. And traveling gives you that. 

Travelling makes you appreciate freedom, working on your own schedule, working on your own time, and seeing what is possible. What you can actually go and own. Your perfect dream life. 

Once you understand that, you go to work to get it. And you know what’s at the end of the road. You know why you are doing it. You know your WHY. 

Knowing your why is the strongest goal magnet that you can ever have. There’s no higher reason. That brings total clarity.

Enjoy life,

Ionut Furnea

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