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Mainstream Media is Useless. Don’t consume it.

If you think about what news is, by definition, it’s a reactionary phenomenon. It’s behind, it’s too late, it’s useless. It’s past.

So why would you consume media or better say information that has already passed? Does it add value to your life and goals?

My feedback on mainstream media. Does it have utility?

Wider-use media is the same in terms of utility. Same as financial news media. I’m now more and more interested in the financial markets, business news and everything that is required to become a more successful person.

Objectivity, clarity, and independence of thought are required in order to have a successful mindset. In order to put yourself on the road to success. On the road to freedom.

The wider-news media is really useless because it has an agenda. And the agenda is the agenda itself. It’s a business. They’re in for the money. Not for showing necessarily the truth. It’s all about the ratings. But you know that, right?

For example. CCTV in China, which is the state TV station. The state TV sponsor in China. To me, it’s the same for BBC in the UK. Fox News in North America. It is exactly the same.

They all have an agenda and the agenda is the agenda itself.

The causality of objectivity on putting yourself on the road to success starts off with an understanding and recognition that this exists. And allowing yourself not to be brainwashed and having the independence of thought and clarity. Having your say in this.

So you can look at things in an objective manner.

So don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed.

All this media, being pumped out every single day.

How much media do you think it’s produced?
“2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced by humans every day.” – Source

So why would you get old, abundant, and potentially useless information in your brain, instead of having clarity of thought?

Just because it’s available, doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Media can now be consumed in various formats and byte size pieces that are tailored specifically to your objectives. Facebook targets people using ads. We know that from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

“The scandal involved harvested Facebook data of 87 million people being used for advertising during elections.” – Source

So newspapers, TV, even online generalist media, is 99% of it, useless for you. And it’s all about ratings.

For TV they want viewers.For newspapers they want readers. Online they want clicks.

Through any means possibly. Printed, TV, radio, mobile, tablet or computer.

It’s a business and it’s designed to make you keep coming back for more and more and more.

What one needs to do is: first recognise that, stay objective and don’t consume it.

Only consume what adds value to your own life and your objectives. And if your objective is freedom and success…

  1. Value your time. It’s limited.
  2. Don’t consume all this stuff. You have better things to do.
  3. Don’t even allow yourself to be exposed to it. The teams of behavioral scientists they use to hook people in…You don’t even want to know.
  4. Consume only what ads value to your objective and your life. That’s useful no? You’re glad you read so far.

For young people and weak-minded people, it’s so easy to just get consumed by this stuff. Sucked into the agenda. And once a habit is formed, in 21 days, it stays there. It becomes the comfort zone.

You got to be very disciplined, not to expose yourself to it and consume what is useful to you.

Tip: Put yourself on THAT path.

– Pearls of wisdom from Anton Kreil.

Let me know your opinion below in the comments.

Enjoy life,

Ionut Funrea

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