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Lesson: Intelligence is not born. Intelligence is taken! I keep wondering why there are so many ignorant people on this planet. And a lot of them do make tons of money, and they are still ignorant… SO even if their money consciousness is quite high, they don’t get…LIFE! A woman her
  1. Awareness of Life
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In the previous step, we spoke about getting out of the box. Now I’m going to explain in more detail what that really means. How does someone know what they want unless they have explored some possibilities? Many people say: Imagine your dream life. See yourself in it. Do those things. But it�
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Success is not just a word. I’ll repeat that. Success is not just a word. Success is a state. You must take that as a state. Transcend to that state. That’s called mindset transformation. Not change, but transformation. Even Grammarly corrected me… The Altered States of Consciousne

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