1. Awareness of Life

Step 1. The intrigue. One big discovery.

I guess it’s always good to begin with the end(ing). To show the conclusion first. To show the results, otherwise… it’s boring stuff, if you don’t see the results in the next minutes. Isn’t that what everyone does?

So…getting to the point: How it all started.

It was the Spring of 2020, when COVID 19 hit and we all started working from home.

(I’d recommend that you read this text when you are not being distracted by anything. While you read, you should hear the background music from the video in your headphones. That will generate a brainwave that allows you to focus. That…wakes you up. Therefore, you will remember this article.)

YouTube – Understanding the human mind something like this!

This is the time for humanity to explore deeper dimensions of life!

This is what I found. Really important!

Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist has discovered The Forgetting Curve. Very interesting discovery. I learned this from a book I read a 2 months ago – Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer.

Long story short – he was a “simple” journalist, and become eventually the object of his interview – a memory champion! By learning how to improve memory.

He learned how to imagine.

He learned how to create…with his imagination.

Well, let me tell you that what Hermann said, back then, for back then, was entirely true. 

Now, however, we are being bombarded with so much information from all sides, all social media, all WhatsApp’s, Instagrams, Twitter, LinkedIn, all social messages, all quotes, tv, radio, wifi, music, movies, and so on. 

But, back then, in 1880-1885 – when the study was conducted, people didn’t have enough connection with the outside world. At least not at this level. So that study is correct for back then! But as our accumulation of information that we gather on a daily basis – which is the ONLY unit of time that we can control.

  • Because (our) past = memories. SO WHY WOULD YOU THINK ABOUT THE PAST? That has..already…passed! haha 🙂 ( Bits stored in our unit of storage – “the brain”. It’s stored in neurons, aka “grey matter”. How is it stored? By the help of electrical impulses that are wiring and refining and unwiring and un-firing axons – aks “white matter”, aka “the highways of data”. Check out how does the brain of a person who suffers from Schizophrenia looks like.




Comparing now to back then – they didn’t have mobile phones. They did not have television, they did not have electricity, they did not have all these technological things that are…complicating our lives by downloading information – bits of memory, that’s stored in our brain, for these useless things, AND we forget what we want to start.

If you plant a small seed ( desire/idea ) in your mind. If you get distracted by all the fruits which are out there in the garden, and if you forget to water that seed, so you forget to pay attention to it, because you are distracted by all the other puzzles that are composing your perception of reality. So because the seed was not…in your awareness because you were distracted by the fruits. So you left your biggest passion – that you know for a fact that you can achieve in your future, and you know that it will absolutely change your life – and for what?! For a small fruit that is in the garden, and it happens to be now? So you abandoned your small yet big seed/passion, and you went for the shiny yet…expensive …nevermind.

In conclusion, because we are bombarded by so many external factors, that affect our inner being. That affect us, even if by 1%, at our identity level. IF you get hit by 1000 of these… factors, it would define you. It would eventually, in time, over many years…change your perception of reality. That’s called a paradigm! Please check it out!

And the whole process? On a global level? That’s called marketing and sales – working together, as it should. That’s CocaCola 😉

The second conclusion, the forgetting curve has exponentially increased, because of all the pieces of information, all the shiny objects, are distracting us. It’s a consumer society. It needs to keep producing new goods and services to survive.

In my initial estimation, the learning curve drops down by more than 50% in the first minute. 

Now, why do you think successful people recommend that you have a pocket-notepad with you?! And pencil everything down any…strange, brilliant, a flash of brilliance, genius, “Aha” moment that you get.

Write it down, and act upon it. That is your subconscious, telling you what to do.

Yes, you are being led by the subconscious. Even Google wants to correct me – “That you ARE subconscious…”.

Read my lessons and I’ll show you how to change this effect. I’m doing it right now. 

I’m aiming for the highest level of consciousness. Go check it out! 😉

Wait for the new LifeXplorer step – Don’t miss out!

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Enjoy life!


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